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  • Veronica Vuong

Someone just cant help themselves and seems to have let the cat out of the bag...

Nearly 12mths in production and part 1 of our new and exciting range of products for  Krew Kids!

As mentioned in our last blog we have been working towards a new direction for our brand. It was never just about clothes for us, it was about the range of looks, the lifestyle and the culture behind the looks. Krew Kids redefines this in a brand new way. 

Introducing our new range of hair wax for kids, using natural ingredients and sulphate and paraben free. We have been developing and testing this product for some time now and finally happy with a blend that has the right hold and easy to wash out and safe for your kids. Easily style a mohawk in the strongest of hair or a comb over, this product is easy to use for all.

We are just finalising our labeling and should see this product shipped soon to hit the stores!